Emission Factor: Holiday (travel/accommodation)

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Holiday (travel/accommodation)BEIS2018United KingdomRestaurants and AccommodationAccommodation

Emission intensity of supply chain in GBP spend on: holiday in the uk/ holiday abroad/ room hire. In actual prices in £s and including VAT. Provided by BEIS/DEFRA in the official report on GHG Emissions of the UK between 1996-2018. Where source emission factors are identical across a variety of activities they have been grouped to avoid confusion - details are documented in the OEFDB data guidance.

  • ID
  • SourceBEIS
  • Year2018
  • RegionUnited Kingdom (GB)
  • SectorRestaurants and Accommodation
  • CategoryAccommodation
  • Unit Type(s)
  • CategoryAccommodation
  • Factor0.425 (kg-CO2e/GBP)
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